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Filing a Claim

It is important for you to advise the insurance company immediately of any claims or incidents. They might direct you to a mitigation company.

For a property claim, it is your responsibility to protect your property from further damage. If you have suffered water damage we highly recommend you use the service of a water mitigation company as soon as possible. Keep damaged property or pictures for your adjuster. Check our resources page for a list of water restoration companies.

Claim forms are located on this site under Client Tools - Insurance Forms. You can use these forms to collect information before you call us or the insurance company.

Global Risk recognizes that when a disaster strikes you need our services the most. We have designed our internal operating system so that we are not reliant on our office location being accessible or our server being operational to access client and policy information or send or receive emails. In the event of a disaster, the direction of the partners and staff will shift to customer claims support to assist you when you need us the most. We will reopen the office as soon as it is safe to do so.